Perspicillinae Schallreuter, 1967

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List of species
2. Deefgella? bella Melnikova, 2022 | Idavere Substage
3. Naevhithis naevus Schallreuter, 1981 | Pirgu StagePorkuni Stage
4. Naevhithis pictis (Neckaja, 1958) | Nabala StagePorkuni Stage
9. Pelecybolbina composita Sidaravichiene, 1975 | Oandu StageRakvere Stage
11. Pelecybolbina illativis (Neckaja, 1952) | Oandu StageVormsi Stage
12. Pelecybolbina pelecyoides Jaanusson, 1966 | Oandu StageVormsi Stage
13. Pelecybolbina pseudoillativis Sidaravičiene, 1992 | Oandu StageRakvere Stage
14. Pentagona joehviensis (Sarv, 1959) | Idavere SubstageJõhvi Substage
15. Pentagona nova Sidaravičiene, 1992 | Idavere SubstageJõhvi Substage
16. Pentagona pentagona (Jaanusson, 1957) | Idavere SubstageRakvere Stage
17. Pentagona tuberculata Sidaravičiene, 1992 | Oandu StageRakvere Stage
18. Pentagona veloreducta Schallreuter, 1967 | Keila StageNabala Stage
20. Perspicillum perspicillum Schallreuter, 1964 | Uhaku StageJõhvi Substage