Ulrichia lauta Gailite, 1971

Synonymy list
1971     Ulrrichia lauta Gailite, sp. n. — Gailite, pp. 45-46, fig. 2:4
1982     Ulrichia lauta Gailite — Ulst et al., pp. 121
1996     Ulrichia lauta Gailite, 1971 — Meidla, pp. 80, fig. 15:5
Selection of related publications
Meidla, T. 1996. Late Ordovician Ostracodes of Estonia. Fossilia Baltica 2.
Gailite, L. 1971. Ostracoda of the family Bolliidae Bouček in the Ordovician of Latvia. Palaeontology and stratigraphy of the Baltic and Byelorussia. No III, pp. 37-50.
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