Heliocrinites ovum (Schlotheim, 1826)

Synonymy list
1826     Echinosphaerites ovum Schloth. — Schlotheim, pp. 309
1899     Caryocystites ovum v. Schlotheim 1826 — Jaekel, pp. 330
1923     Caryocystites ovum v. Schlotheim sp. — Hecker, pp. 52-53
1970     Heliocrinites ovum (Schlotheim) — Rõõmusoks, pp. 78
Selection of related publications
Rõõmusoks, A. 1970. Stratigraphy of the Viruan Series (Middle Ordovician) in Northern Estonia, I.
Hecker, R. F. 1923. Echinosphaeritidae of the Silurian of Russia. Trav. Mus. Géol. Min. Pierre le Grand Acad. Sci. Russie IV, 1, 1-63.
Jaekel, O. 1899. Stammesgesihichte der Pelmatozoen. Erster Band. Thecoidea und Cystoidea.
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