Drepanoistodus forceps (Lindström, 1954)

Synonymy list
1954     Oistodus forceps — Lindström, pp. 74, fig. 4:9-13
1971     Drepanoistodus forceps (Lindström) — Lindström, pp. 42, fig. 5, 8
1994     Drepanoistodus forceps (Lindström) — Löfgren, fig. 6:19-22
1995     Drepanoistodus forceps (Lindström) — Löfgren, fig. 7ag-al
2001     Drepanoistodus forceps (Lindström, 1955) — Rasmussen, pp. 74, fig. 6:1-6
2003     Drepanoistodus forceps — Tolmacheva et al., pp. 33
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