Drepanoistodus stougei Rasmussen, 1991

Synonymy list
1991     Drepanoistodus stougei n. sp. — Rasmussen, pp. 277-278, fig. 6F-J,N
2001     Drepanoistodus stougei Rasmussen, 1991 — Rasmussen, pp. 75, fig. 6:7-10,13
2018     Drepanoistodus stougei — Wu et al.
2021     Drepanoistodus stougei Rasmussen, 1991 — Rasmussen et al., pp. 126-127, fig. Fig. 6R–S
Selection of related publications
Rasmussen, J. A., Eriksson, M. E., Lindskog, A. 2021. Middle Ordovician Drepanoistodus (Vertebrata, Conodonta) from Baltica, with description of three new species. European Journal of Taxonomy 774, DOI:10.5852/ejt.2021.774.1533
Männik, P., Viira, V. 2012. Ordovician conodont diversity in the northern Baltic. Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences 61, 1, 1-14. DOI:10.3176/earth.2012.1.01
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