Tallinnellina divelata Sarv, 1963

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1963     Tallinnellina divelata (Öpik, in coll.) — Sarv, pp. 171-173, fig. 2:1-16
1992     Tallinnellina divelata sarv, 1963 — Sidaravičiene, pp. 107, fig. 28:7
Selection of related publications
Sidaravičiene, N. 1992. Ordovician ostracods of Lithuania.
Sarv, L. I. 1963. New ostracodes from the Ordovician of East Baltic. ENSV TA Geoloogia Instituudi uurimused XIII, 161-188. ENSV Teaduste Akadeemia Geoloogia Instituudi Uurimused XIII, pp. 161-188.
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