Gotlandina erratica Schallreuter, 1968

Synonymy list
1968     Gotlandina erratica sp. n. — Schallreuter, pp. 145-146, fig. 19
1986     Gotlandina erratica Schallreuter — Schallreuter, fig. 8:9
1996     Gotlandina erratica Schallreuter, 1968 — Meidla, pp. 105, fig. 21:5
Selection of related publications
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Meidla, T. 1996. Late Ordovician Ostracodes of Estonia. Fossilia Baltica 2.
Schallreuter, R. 1968. Ordovizische Ostracoden mit geradem Schlosrand und konkavem Ventralrand.
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