Ctenonotella bidens (Krause, 1892)

Synonymy list
1892     Beyrichia (Ulrichia?) bidens n. sp. — Krause, pp. 396, fig. 22:12
1934     Ulrichia bidens (Krause) — Bassler et Kellett, pp. 488
1937     Ctenonotella bidens (Krause) — Öpik
1959     Ctenonotella bidens (Krause) — Sarv, pp. 72-73, fig. 11:17-18
Selection of related publications
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Sarv, L. 1959. Ordovician ostracodes in the Estonian S.S.R.. ENSV TA Geoloogia Instituudi uurimused IV, 1-210. Eesti NSV Teaduste Akadeemia Geoloogia Instituudi Uurimused IV, pp. 1-210.
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