Ogmoopsis terpylae Sarv, 1959

Synonymy list
1959     Ogmoopsis terpylae sp. n. — Sarv , pp. 109 , fig. XIX 7-11
2010     Ogmoopsis terpylae Sarv, 1959 — Tinn et al. , fig. 6D
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Tinn, O., Meidla, T., Ainsaar, L., Kivioja, K. 2010. Rich and heterogenous fossil ostracod fauna in the Ordovician sediment intrusions at Osmussaar Island, Estonia, reveals an ancient impact event. GFF 132, 3-4, 201-211. DOI:10.1080/11035897.2010.530351
Sarv, L. 1959. Ordovician ostracodes in the Estonian S.S.R.. ENSV TA Geoloogia Instituudi uurimused IV, 1-210.
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