Beyrichia (Beyrichia) halliana Martinsson, 1962

Synonymy list
1962     Beyrichia (Beyrichia) halliana n. sp. — Martinsson, pp. 271, fig. 141-142; 144
1962     Beyrichia (Beyrichia) cf. kloedeni McCoy — Sarv, pp. 124, fig. 7:1-4
1967     Beyrichia (Beyrichia) halliana Martinsson, 1962 — Gailite et al., pp. 129-130
Selection of related publications
Sarv, L. 1968. Ostracode families Craspedobolbinidae, Beyrichiidae and Primitiopsidae in the Silurian of Estonia.
Gailite, L. K., Rybnikova, M. V., Ulst, R. Ž. 1967. Stratigraphy, fauna and conditions of formation of the Silurian rocks of the Central Baltic.
Martinsson, A. 1962. Ostracodes of the Family Beyrichiidae from the Silurian of Gotland. The Bulletin of the Geological Institutions of Uppsala 41, 1-369.
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