Nodibeyrichia saldusensis (Gailite, 1967)

Current taxon already exists. See initial taxon Neobeyrichia saldusensis

Taxon ID: 5826
Fossil group: Ostracoda
Belongs to: Nodibeyrichia
Other version of taxon: Neobeyrichia saldusensis
Stratigraphic range: Ohesaare Stage (within ca. 417.0 – 416.0 million years)
Synonymy list
1967     Neobeyrichia saldusensis Gailite sp. nov. — Gailite et al. , pp. 138, fig. 10:8a; 11-1a-i
1986     Neobeyrichia saldusensis Gailite — Schallreuter , pp. 199
Selection of related publications
Sarv, L. I. 1968. Ostracode families Craspedobolbinidae, Beyrichiidae and Primitiopsidae in the Silurian of Estonia. pp. 1-103. Valgus.
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