Leiocyamus apicatus Martinsson, 1956

Taxon ID: 5898 | 2013-02-18 / 2013-04-02
Fossil group: Ostracoda
Belongs to:
Stratigraphic range: Jaagarahu lade Rootsiküla lade (within ca. 427.0–422.7 million years)
Selection of related publications
Sarv, L. 1968. Ostracode familiess Craspedobolbinidae, Beyrichiidae and Primitiopsidae in the Silurian of Estonia.
Martinsson, A. 1956. Ontogeny and Development of Dimorphism in some Silurian Ostracodes. The Bulletin of the Geological Institutions of Uppsala 37, 14, 1-42.
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