Neobeyrichia alia Gailite, 1967

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1967     Neobeyrichia alia Gailite sp. nov. — Gailite, pp. 135-136, fig. 10:4
1972     Neobeyrichia alia Gailite — Pranskevičius, pp. 85, fig. 12:4
Selection of related publications
Pranskevichius, A. 1975. Ludlovian palaeocope ostracodes of the Baltic region and their correlative value. GFF 97, 1, 41-46. DOI:10.1080/11035897509455471
Gailite, L. K., Rybnikova, M. V., Ulst, R. Ž. 1967. Stratigraphy, fauna and conditions of formation of the Silurian rocks of the Central Baltic.
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