Phylloporina jaelltjaernensis Brood, 1981

Synonymy list
1981     Phylloporina jaelltjaernensis n. sp. — Brood, pp. 47, fig. III A-D
1981     Phylloporina jaelltjaernensis Brood — Brood, pp. 20
Selection of related publications
Brangulis, A. P., Karpitski, V. Ya., Murnieks, A. E. 1981. Early platform volcanic- sedimentary formations of Southeast Latvia. The conditions of formation sedimentary cover and structures of the Baltic, pp. 101-108.
Brood, K. 1981. Bryozoa from the Klingkalk at Jälltjärn in Dalarna Sweden. Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis XXXVII, 4, 43-48.
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