Bergaueria sucta Seilacher, 1990

Taxon description

Hofmann et al., 2012

Description.—Circular disc-shaped structures, displaying a laterally repeated pattern of crescent-shaped impressions (Fig.8.2). Preserved as positive hyporeliefs. Successive lateral positions are recorded by a series of five to ten impressions showing lateral displacement in one direction (Fig. 8.3). Discshaped impressions are commonly slightly inclined in relation to the bedding plane. Diameter of impressions is 14 to 44 mm. Specimens rarely occur as single disc-shaped impressions without lateral crescentic pattern. Spiraling radial markings (see Seilacher, 1990, p. 666) are not clearly discernible.


Synonymy list
1985     Beltanelloides simplex (Pal.) — Gureev, Velikanov & Ivanchenko, fig. 1v, 2g
1988     Beltanelloides simplex (Pal.) — Gureev, fig. 10:2
1990     Bergaueria sucta n. ichnosp. — Seilacher, pp. 666, fig. 32:12; 32:2a-b
1997     Bergaueria sucta Seilacher, 1990 — Jensen, pp. 38, fig. 25
2012     Bergaueria sucta Seilacher, 1990 — Hofmann et al., pp. 939, fig. 8.1-8.3
Selection of related publications
Jensen, S. 1997. Trace fossils from the Lower Cambrian Mickwitzia sandstone, south-central Sweden. Fossils and Strata 42, 1-110.
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