Diplocraterion helmerseni (Öpik, 1929)

Current taxon is already existed. See initial taxon Diplocraterion parallelum
Taxon ID: 6641 | 2013-03-04 / 2020-10-15
Fossil group: Ichnofossils
Belongs to:
1 Other version of taxon: Diplocraterion parallelum
Stratigraphic range: Kambrium (within ca. 538.8–485.4 million years)
Taxon description

Rajkonwar et al., 2013

Description: Vertical U-shaped burrow with protrusive spreiten and broad base; tubes are not parallel to each other and their diameter is also variable (0.9 to 1.2 cm). The burrow penetrates 12 cm in the sediment; diameter of the tube increases downward and their maximum diameter (1.2 cm) was observed at the base of the burrow. Burrow filled sediments are darker than the host sediments but spreiten is light coloured.

Type specimen data
Synonymy list
1929     Corophioides Helmerseni n. sp. — Öpik, pp. 33, fig. 4
1974     Diplocraterion helmerseni (Õpik 1929) — Fürsich, pp. 959, fig. text fig.5
1998     Diplocraterion helmerseni (Õpik 1929) — Stanley & Pickerill, pp. 14, fig. 4:2
2013     Diplocraterion helmerseni Õpik 1929 — Rajkonwar et al., pp. 23, fig. 2f
Selection of related publications
Mens, K. A., Pirrus, E. A. 1977. Stratotypes of the Cambrian Formations of Estonia.
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