Algae (informal)

Vermiporella borealis Høeg, 1932

Synonymy list
1932     Vermiporella borealis — Høeg, pp. 70-71, fig. IV 6
1972     Vermiporella borealis Høeg, 1932 — Gnilovskaya, pp. 45, fig. I 1, text fig. 22
Selection of related publications
Gnilovskaya, M. B. 1972. The Calcareous Algae of the Middle and Late Ordovician of the Eastern Kazakhstan.
Høeg, O. E. 1932. Ordovician algae from the Trondheim area. The Hovin Group in the Trondheim Area, II, Paleontological part, pp. 63–96.
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