Plagiogmus arcuatus Roedel, 1929

Taxon description

Hanken et al., 2016

Description. This trace fossil occurs as horizontal, slightly winding flat-bottom troughs, 29–32 mm wide, with perpendicular, rarely slightly oblique, straight-to-slightly arcuate ribs. Some of them, through overlap and divergence, form false branches. The ribs are 4–5 mm wide, and their midlines are 15 mm apart. A single, winding, slightly bilobate ridge of comparable width was found on the same bedding plane. It probably belongs to the same trace fossil.

Synonymy list
1978     Plagiogmus arcuatus Roedel, 1929 — Kowalski , pp. 335
1980     Plagiogmus arcuatus Roedel, 1929 — Jaeger et Martinsson , pp. 117-126 , fig. 1-6
2016     Plagiogmus arcuatus Roedel, 1929 — Hanken et al. , pp. 206
Selection of related publications
Jaeger, H., Martinsson, A. 1980. The Early Cambrian trace fossil Plagiogmus in its type area. GFF 102, 2, 117-126. DOI:10.1080/11035898009450888
Organism groupBiota
Ichnofossil groupIchnofossils
Soft-sediment trace fossils
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