Sabellidites cambriensis Yanichevsky, 1926

Synonymy list
1926     Sabellidites cambriensis n. g. et sp. — Yanichevsky, pp. 102, fig. 1-5,8,9b,10
1966     Sabellidites cambriensis Yanichevsky — Korkutis, pp. 11, fig. I, II, III, IV, text fig. 3-6
1968     Sabellidites cambriensis Yanichevsky, 1926 — Kiryanov, pp. 21, fig. III 1-2
1971     Sabellidites cambriensis Yanichevsky — Korkutis, pp. 50
1979     Sabellidites cambriensis Yanichevsky — Føyn & Glaessner, pp. 37, fig. 4H,J
1990     Sabellidites cambriensis Jan. — Ivantsov, pp. 125-128, fig. 1
2016     Sabellidites cambriensis — Mcilroy & Brasier, fig. 3a
Selection of related publications
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