Chaetetida Okulitch, 1936


Taxon ID: 7588 | 2013-04-17 / 2014-03-05
Fossil group: Porifera
Belongs to:
et: Hetetiidid; 
Stratigraphic range: Ordoviitsium Perm (within ca. 488.3–251.0 million years)
Baltoscandian species (in database):
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Taxon overview

Order ?CHAETETIDA, Ordovician- Eocene. Colonies ceroid, phaceloid with closely spaced corallites. Corallites are very slender. Pores present in rare occasions as in one Carboniferous family. Septal spinules are present in one Cretaceous genus and otherwise are absent. Increase is bipartite, complete or incomplete or also offsets rise intramurally sometimes. Representatives of ?Desmidoporidae and ?Tiverinidae are found in Baltoscandia (Nodulipora, Barrandeolites bowerbanki). The taxonomy is not revised. Chaetetid and coralline sponge relationships are unclear. Sponges Solenoporaceae have no fibrous wall structures as trabeculae or spherulites.

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