Monotrypa jewensis Bassler, 1911

Synonymy list
1911     Monotrypa jewensis, new species — Bassler, pp. 310, fig. text fig. 191
1953     Monotrypa jewensis Bassl. — Modzalevskaya, pp. 105
1978     Monotrypa jewensis Bassler, 1911 — Astrova, pp. 103
1996     Monotrypa jewensis (Bassler) — Gorjunova, fig. XXII 2
2011     Monotrypa jewensis Bassler, 1911 — Koromyslova, pp. 947
2015     Monotrypa jewensis Bassler, 1911 — Jiménez-Sánchez et al., pp. 205
Selection of related publications
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