Incertae sedis (fossils)

Harlaniella podolica Sokolov, 1972

Taxon description

Ivantsov, 2013b

D e s c r i p t i o n. Linear impressions at lower surfaces of sandy layers convex to less commonly flat, locally rod-shaped casts with elliptical transverse section, gently curved, simple, dichotomous or agminate.The surface is covered by closely spaced oblique transverse furrows; flat areas bear rare sublongitudinal furows.

Synonymy list
1972     Harlaniella podolica — Sokolov, fig. 2:4
1976     Harlaniella podolica Sokolov, 1972 — Palij, pp. 73, fig. 24:1
1979     Harlaniella podolica Sokolov, 1972 — Palij et al., pp. 70, fig. 50:1-3
2007     Harlaniella podolica — Landing et al., pp. 288, fig. 1
2013     Harlaniella podolica Sokolov, 1972 — Ivantsov, pp. 592
2017     Harlaniella podolica — McIlroy & Brasier, fig. 4a
Selection of related publications
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