Neonereites uniserialis Seilacher, 1960

Taxon description

Crimes & Anderson, 1985

Description. -Single row of small, unor- namented sand-filled spheres with large di- mension of 1-3 mm, forming a straight or slightly curved chain on sole of sandstones. Spheres either isolate or adjacent but never overlapping. Chains commonly 30-50 mm long. Figure 10.2, however, shows two sep- arate chains 15 and 45 mm long.

Synonymy list
1979     Neonereites uniserialis Seilacher, 1960 — Palij et al., pp. 71, fig. LII 5
1982     Neonereites uniserialis Seilacher, 1960 — Crimes & Germs, pp. 899, fig. 2.6,7
1985     Neonereites uniserialis Seilacher, 1960 — Crimes & Anderson, pp. 327, fig. 10.2
1992     Neonereites uniserialis — Pirrus, pp. 117
Selection of related publications
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