Incertae sedis (fossils)

Suzmites Fedonkin, 1976

Current taxon is already existed. See initial taxon Suzmites
Taxon ID: 7877 | 2013-05-10 / 2021-01-24
Belongs to:
1 Other version of taxon: Suzmites
Stratigraphic range: Ediacara (within ca. 635.0–538.8 million years)
Baltoscandian species (in database):
Selection of related publications
Palij, V. M., Posti, E., Fedonkin, M. A. 1979. Soft-bodied Metazoa and trace fossils of Vendian and Lower Cambrian. Upper Precambrian and Cambrian Paleontology of East-European Platform, pp. 49-82.
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