Ischnacanthidae Woodward, 1891

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List of species
1. Arenaceacanthus arcuatacanalis Valiukevičius, 2004 | Paadla StageKaugatuma Stage
4. Gomphonchus hoppei (Gross, 1947) | Ohesaare StageTilze Stage
5. Gomphonchus mediocostatus Vergoossen, 1999 | Ohesaare StageTilze Stage
7. Gomphonchus sandelensis (Pander, 1856) | Paadla StageKemeri Stage
9. Gomphonchus volborthi (Rohon, 1893) | Paadla StageKuressaare Stage
10. Rohonilepis breviornatus Valiukevičius, 2004 | Paadla StageOhesaare Stage