Dimorphosiphon rectangulare Høeg, 1927

Synonymy list
1927     Dimorphosiphon rectangulare — Høeg, pp. 4, fig. 1-3
1991     Dimorphosiphon rectangulare — Kõrts, pp. 44, fig. 1
Selection of related publications
Kõrts, A. 1991. Distribution of calcareous algae, oncolites and stromatolites in Wenlock-Ludlow boundary beds in Estonia. Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Geology 40, 2, 43-49.
Kõrts, A., Einasto, R., Männil, Ralf, Radionova, E. 1990. Calcareous algae. Field Meeting Estonia 1990. An Excursion Guidebook. Eds: Kaljo, D. & Nestor, H., pp. 97-100.
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