Palaeodawsonocerina nicolletoides Kröger, 2013

Taxon description

Kröger & Isakar, 2006

Diagnosis. Straight, slightly compressed with very low apical angle of approximately 1°––2°. Adult dorsoventral diameter approximately 25 mm, with five to six annulations at a distance that equates to the corresponding shell diameter in adult specimens. Annulations straight or very slightly oblique toward the growth direction and regularly spaced. Very fine growth lines, about 50 per cycle of annulations. Very fine longitudinal striae or raised lines, about five to seven per mm. Suture line at the ridges of the annulations. Parallel sutures and annulations. Siphuncle central, slightly expanded within the chambers. Septal perforation about 0.07 of the shell diametre.

Synonymy list
2013     Palaeodawsonocerina? nicolletoides sp. nov. — Kröger, pp. 36, fig. 12D-E; 18D
Selection of related publications
Kröger, B. 2013. The cephalopods of the Boda Limestone, Late Ordovician, of Dalarna, Sweden. European Journal of Taxonomy 41, 41, 1-110. DOI:10.5852/ejt.2013.41
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