Isorthoceras wahlenbergi Niko, 2008

Taxon description

Niko, 2008

Diagnosis.—Large species of Isorthoceras with circular shell cross section, weak endogastric curvature, smooth shell surface, and two constrictions in body chamber; maximum diameter of body chamber attains 31 mm; siphuncle near central in position shifting slightly with ontogeny from a slightly supracentral to a more central position; segments pyriform to fusiform in shape with weakly developed parietal endosiphuncular deposits.

Synonymy list
2008     Isorthoceras wahlenbergi — Niko, pp. 195, fig. 6:1.6-6
2013     Isorthoceras wahlenbergi Niko, 2008 — Kröger, pp. 66, fig. 4C, 26, 28C
Selection of related publications
Kröger, B. 2013. The cephalopods of the Boda Limestone, Late Ordovician, of Dalarna, Sweden. European Journal of Taxonomy 41, 41, 1-110. DOI:10.5852/ejt.2013.41
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