Climacograptus medius Törnquist, 1897

Current taxon is already existed. See initial taxon Normalograptus medius
Taxon ID: 9779 | 2013-08-13 / 2019-02-08
Fossil group: Graptolithina
Belongs to:
1 Other version of taxon: Normalograptus medius
Stratigraphic range: Alam-Silur (within ca. 443.7–422.7 million years)
Synonymy list
1924     Climacograptus medius Törnquist — Hundt, pp. 56, fig. 1:22,23,35,36
1933     Climacograptus medius Törnquist — Sun, pp. 23, fig. 4:2a-b
1949     Climacograptus medius Törnquist — Obut, pp. 13, fig. 1:3a-b
1965     Climacograptus medius Törnquist — Stein, pp. 163-165, fig. 16a-g
Selection of related publications
Paškevičius, J. 1979. Biostratigraphy and Graptolites of the Lithuanian Silurian.
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