Streptograptus barrandei (Suess, 1851)

Synonymy list
1851     Graptolithus Barrandei — Suess, pp. 126, fig. 9:12
1876     Monograptus Barrandei — Lapworth, pp. 502, fig. 20:5a-d
1913     Monograptus Barrandei (Suess) — Elles et Wood, pp. 462-463, fig. 46:6a-b
2021     Streptograptus barrandei (Suess, 1851) — Hopfensperger et al., pp. Figure 2G, H
Selection of related publications
Ulst, R. Ž., Gailite, L. K., Springis, T. K. 1984. Lithostratigraphic subdivision of the subsurface Ordovician rocks of the Jelgeva Depression. Early Paleozoic stratigraphy of the Baltic. Eds: Männil, R. & Mens, K., pp. 63-76.
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