Thelodus Agassiz, 1838
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List of species
1. Thelodus admirabilis Märss, 1982 | Kuressaare StageKaugatuma Stage
2. Thelodus carinatus (Pander, 1856) | Rootsiküla StagePaadla Stage
3. Thelodus laevis (Pander, 1856) | Rootsiküla StagePaadla Stage
4. Thelodus parvidens Agassiz, 1839 | LudlowPřidoli
5. Thelodus sculptilis Gross, 1967 | Kuressaare StageKaugatuma Stage
6. Thelodus traquairi Gross, 1967 | Kuressaare StageOhesaare Stage
7. Thelodus trilobatus (Hoppe, 1931) | Kuressaare StageOhesaare Stage
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