Angulotreta Palmer, 1954
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Holmer, H., Popov, L. E. 1990. The acrotretacean brachiopod Ceratreta tanneri (Metzger) from the Upper Cambrian of Baltoscandia.GFF 112 , 3,249-263. DOI:10.1080/11035899009454772
Popov, L. E., Khazanovich, K. K. 1989. Lingulata (inarticulate brachiopods with phosphate-calcium shell).The Key sections and stratigraphy of the phosphate bearing Obolus beds of the North-East of the Russian platform , pp. 96-136.
List of species
1. Angulotreta postapicalis Palmer, 1954 | Upper Cambrian (old nomenclature)
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