Favosites vicinalis Klaamann, 1962

Current taxon is already existed. See initial taxon Favosites hisingeri
Taxon ID: 11568 | 2013-11-20 / 2020-10-10
Fossil group: Tabulata
Belongs to:
1 Other version of taxon: Favosites hisingeri
Stratigraphic range: Kaugatuma lade (within ca. 418.7–417.0 million years)
Synonymy list
1962     Favosites vicinalis sp. n. — Klaamann, pp. 44-45, fig. 10:3-4
1967     Favosites vicinalis Klaamann, 1962 — Stasinska, pp. 86, fig. 25:4a-b
1976     Favosites vicinalis Klaamann, 1962 — Stel
1978     Favosites hisingeri M.-Edwards et Haime, 1851 — Stel, pp. 22
Selection of related publications
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