Striatopora coenitoides Klaamann, 1983

Taxon ID: 11614 | 2013-11-22 / 2013-11-22
Fossil group: Tabulata
Belongs to:
Stratigraphic range: Jaagarahu lade (within ca. 427.0–424.6 million years)
Synonymy list
1983     Striatopora coenitoides sp. nov. — Klaamann, pp. 24-25, fig. 8:1
Selection of related publications
Klaamann, E. 1983. The Tabulate corals of Jaani and Jaagarahu Stages (Wenlockian, Estonia) and their Biozones. Lower Paleozoic paleontology of Baltics and Podolia. Ed: Klaamann, E., pp. 3-40.
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