Schizosteus Obruchev, 1940

Selection of related publications
Halstead Tarlo, L. B. H. 1965. Psammosteiformes (Agnatha) - A review with descriptions of new material from the Lower Devonian of Poland. 2. Systematic part. Palaeontologia Polonica 15, 1-168.
Obruchev, D. V., Mark-Kurik, E. J. (eds) 1965. Devonian psammosteids (Agnatha, Psammosteidae) of the USSR. pp. 1-304. Eesti NSV TA Geoloogia Instituut.
List of species
1. Schizosteus asatkini Obruchev, 1940 | Narva StageAruküla Stage