Angopora parva Klaamann, 1971

Type specimen data
Synonymy list
1971     Angopora parva sp. nov. — Klaamann, pp. 358-359, fig. 1:4-5
1978     Favosites hisingeri — Stel
1983     Angopora parva Klaamann, 1971 — Klaamann, pp. 13-14, fig. 2:4-5
Selection of related publications
Klaamann, E. 1983. The Tabulate corals of Jaani and Jaagarahu Stages (Wenlockian, Estonia) and their Biozones. Lower Paleozoic paleontology of Baltics and Podolia, pp. 3-40.
Klaamann, E. R. 1971. Tabulate corals of upper coral limestone in Norway. Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences of the Estonian SSR. Chemistry and Geology 20, 4, 356-363.
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