Propora raricellata Sokolov, 1955

Synonymy list
1955     Propora raricellata sp. n. — Sokolov, fig. 77:3-4
1961     Propora raricellata Sokolov — Klaamann, pp. 99
1983     Propora raricellata Sokolov — Klaamann, pp. 27-28, fig. 8:4-5
2006     Propora tubulata — Mõtus, pp. 37
Selection of related publications
Mõtus, M.-A. 2006. Intraspecific variation in Wenlock tabulate corals from Saaremaa (Estonia) and its taxonomic implications. Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Geology 55, 1, 24-42. DOI:10.3176/geol.2006.1.02
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