Propora tubulata (Lonsdale, 1839)

Synonymy list
1839     Porites tabulatus — Lonsdale, pp. 687, fig. 16:3a-e
1861     Propora tabulata Lonsd. — Eichwald, pp. 98
1955     Propora tubulata (Lonsdale, 1839) — Sokolov, fig. 76:7; 77:1-2
1961     Propora tubulata (Lonsdale, 1830) — Klaamann, pp. 98, fig. 13:4-5
1981     Propora tubulata (Lonsdale) — Hill, pp. F612, fig. 416:2a,b
2006     Propora tubulata (Lonsdale) — Mõtus, fig. II 2-4
Selection of related publications
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