Striatocycloceras undulostriatum (Hall, 1847)

Taxon description

Kröger & Isakar, 2006

Diagnosis. Slightly curved, slightly compressed Striatocycloceras with very low apical angle of approximately 2°.Adult dorsoventral diameter approximately more than 30 mm, with four to six annulations at a distance that equates the corresponding shell diameter in adult. Annulations slightly oblique, irregularly spaced, with faint lobe at the sidein opposition of the siphuncle. Distinct growth lines, 10––12 per cycle of annulations, one or two cycles of annulations per chamber. Suture lines run slightly oblique in relation to annulations forming a slight sinus at the side opposite to the siphuncle. Siphuncle subcentral. Short, orthochoanitic septal neck.

Synonymy list
1847     Orthoceras undulostriatum — Hall , pp. 202, fig. 43:7
1850     Orthoceratites undulostriatum — dOrbigny , pp. 3
1858     Orthoceratites undulostriatum — Salter , pp. 375, fig. Pl. 13:25,26
1915     Orthoceratites undulostriatum — Bassler , pp. 918
1932     Cycloceras undulostriatum — Foerste , pp. 87, fig. Fig: 12:3-4
2006     Striatocycloceras undulostriatum (Hall, 1847) — Kröger & Isakar , pp. 150, fig. 7L, 8E, 10A
2012     Striatocycloceras undulostriatum (Hall, 1847) — Kröger , pp. 25
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