Striatocycloceras foerstei (Teichert, 1930)

Taxon description

Kröger & Isakar, 2006

Diagnosis. StraightStriatocycloceraswith circular cross-sec-tion and medium apical angle of approximately 8. Seven ir-regularly spaced annulations at a distance that equates thecorresponding shell diameter. Acute annulations slightly obli-que toward growth direction with slight lateral sinus, with ap-proximately 10 growth lines per annulation. One suture lineat every groove of the annulation, sutures and annulationsrun parallel. Siphuncle central. Short orthochoanitic septalnecks

Type specimen data
SMF XI 358a ,
Synonymy list
1858     Orthoceras arcuolyratum — Schmidt, pp. 196
1916     Orthoceras arcuolyratum — Twenhofel, pp. 298
1930     Leurocycloceras foerstei n. sp — Teichert, pp. 278, fig. 6:13-16
1962     Leurocycloceras foerstei — Balashov, pp. 110, fig. 48:3
2006     Striatocycloceras foerstei (Teichert, 1930) — Kröger & Isakar, fig. 7q, 10h
2013     Striatocycloceras foerstei (Teichert, 1930) — Kröger, pp. 25
Selection of related publications
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