Striatocycloceras foerstei (Teichert, 1930)

Taxon description

Kröger & Isakar, 2006

Diagnosis. Straight Striatocycloceras with circular cross-section and medium apical angle of approximately 8°. Seven irregularly spaced annulations at a distance that equates the corresponding shell diameter. Acute annulations slightly oblique toward growth direction with slight lateral sinus, with approximately 10 growth lines per annulation. One suture lineat every groove of the annulation, sutures and annulations run parallel. Siphuncle central. Short orthochoanitic septal necks.

Type specimen data
SMF XI 358a ,
Synonymy list
1858     Orthoceras arcuolyratum — Schmidt, pp. 196
1916     Orthoceras arcuolyratum — Twenhofel, pp. 298
1930     Leurocycloceras foerstei n. sp — Teichert, pp. 278, fig. 6:13-16
1962     Leurocycloceras foerstei — Balashov, pp. 110, fig. 48:3
2006     Striatocycloceras foerstei (Teichert, 1930) — Kröger & Isakar, fig. 7q, 10h
2013     Striatocycloceras foerstei (Teichert, 1930) — Kröger, pp. 25
Selection of related publications
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