Striatocycloceras romingeri (Foerste, 1932)

Taxon description

Kröger & Isakar, 2006

Diagnosis. Slightly curved, slightly compressed Striatocycloceras with very low apical angle of approximately 1°. Adult dorsoventral diameter approximately 10 mm, with four to five annulations at a distance that equate to the corresponding shell diameter in adult. Annulations straight, irregularly spaced, with conspicuous lobe at the side in opposition of the siphuncle. Coarse growth lines, about five to seven percycle of annulations. One suture line at every groove of the annulation, with parallel sutures and annulations. Siphuncle central.

Type specimen data
UMPC 2831 ,
Synonymy list
1932     Cycloceras romingeri — Foerste, pp. 89, fig. 126a,b
2006     Striatocycloceras romingeri (Foerste, 1932) — Kröger & Isakar, pp. 152, fig. 7p, 8r-t
2013     Striatocycloceras romingeri (Foerste, 1932) — Kröger, pp. 25
Selection of related publications
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