Sigmobolbina kolkaensis Gailite, 1975

Synonymy list
1975     Sigmobolbina kolkaensis sp. n. — Gailite, pp. 61-62, fig. 1:1a-b; 1:2a-b
1996     Sigmobolbina kolkaensis Gailite, 1975 — Meidla, pp. 62, fig. 11:1
Selection of related publications
Meidla, T. 1996. Late Ordovician Ostracodes of Estonia. Fossilia Baltica 2.
Gailite, L. 1975. Ostracoda from Middle and Upper Ordovician boundary in West Latvia. The Fauna and Stratigraphy of Paleozoic and Mesozoic of Baltic and Byelorussia, pp. 59-68.
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