Sigmobolbina kolkaensis Gailite, 1975

Synonymy list
1975     Sigmobolbina kolkaensis sp. n. — Gailite , pp. 61-62, fig. 1:1a-b; 1:2a-b
1996     Sigmobolbina kolkaensis Gailite, 1975 — Meidla , pp. 62, fig. 11:1
Selection of related publications
Meidla, T. 1996. Late Ordovician Ostracodes of Estonia. Fossilia Baltica 2. pp. 1-222. Tartu University Press.
Gailite, L. 1975. Ostracoda from Middle and Upper Ordovician boundary in West Latvia. The Fauna and Stratigraphy of Paleozoic and Mesozoic of Baltic and Byelorussia, pp. 59-68. Mintis.
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