Rusophycus dispar Linnarsson, 1869

Synonymy list
1869     Rusophycus dispar n. sp. — Linnarsson, pp. 353-356
1977     Rusophycus dispar, 1869 — Jensen, pp. 81, fig. 54-57
Selection of related publications
Rydell, J., Hammarlund, J., Seilacher, A. 2001. Trace fossil associations in the Swedish Mickwitzia sandstone (Lower Cambrian): Did trilobites really hunt for worms?. GFF 123, 4, 247-250. DOI:10.1080/11035890101234247
Jensen, S. 1997. Trace fossils from the Lower Cambrian Mickwitzia sandstone, south-central Sweden. Fossils and Strata 42, 1-110.
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