Kaljoprion Hints, 2008
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Hints, O., 2008a

Diagnosis: Asymmetrical jaw apparatus of labidognath type. Left MI with subtriangular outer face and prominent inner wing that extends for two-thirds of jaw length. Right MI with distinct ramus and bight, suggesting presence of basal plate. First to third denticles in MI developed into transversal ridges, anteriormost one occupying more than half of jaw width. Second maxillae subrectangular with deeply rounded bight. Anterior part of jaw occupied by long transversal ridge, shank with small knob-like denticles, slightly shorter than ramus.
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Hints, O. 2008. Kaljoprion - a new enigmatic jawed polychaete genus from the Upper Ordovician of Estonia. Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences 57, 4, 256-259. DOI:10.3176/earth.2008.4.05
Hints, O. 2000. Ordovician eunicid polychaetes of Estonia and surrounding areas: review of their distribution and diversification. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 113, 1-3, 41-55. DOI:10.1016/S0034-6667(00)00051-8
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