Lingulidae Menke, 1828

Taxon ID: 1046 | 2012-11-03 / 2018-11-29
Fossil group: Brachiopoda
Belongs to:
Baltoscandian species (in database):
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Selection of related publications
Lang, L., Kirsimäe, K. & Vahur, S. 2016. Diagenetic fate of bioapatite in linguliform brachiopods: multiple apatite phases in shells of Cambrian lingulate brachiopod Ungula ingrica (Eichwald). Lethaia 49, 1, 13-27. DOI:10.1111/let.12127
Bekker, H. 1921. The Kuckers Stage of the Ordovician Rocks in N-E Estonia. Acta Univ. Tartu A II, 1, 1-90.