Grorudia morrisoni Hints et Harper, 2008

Taxon ID: 2354 | 2009-11-09 / 2013-11-06
Fossil group: Brachiopoda
Belongs to:
Stratigraphic range: Uhaku lade Haljala lade (within ca. 462.6–456.2 million years)
Type specimen data
Synonymy list
2007     Grorudia morrisoni sp. nov. — Hints & Harper, pp. 276-278, fig. Fig.5
Selection of related publications
Hints, L. & Harper, D. A. T. 2008. The brachiopods Alwynella and Grorudia: homeomorphic plectambonitoids in the Middle and Upper Ordovician of Baltoscandia. Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Earth Sciences 98, 271-280.