Apomatella secunda Öpik, 1939

Type specimen data
PMO No 61097 ,
Synonymy list
1939     Apomatella secunda sp. nov. — Öpik, pp. 131, fig. pl. 2: 11-12
2003     Apomatella secunda — Tolmacheva et al., pp. 33
Selection of related publications
Tolmacheva, T., Egerquist, E., Meidla, T., Tinn, O., Holmer, L. 2003. Faunal composition and dynamics in unconsolidated sediments: a case study from the Middle Ordovician of the East Baltic. Geological Magazine 140, 1, 31-44. DOI:10.1017/S001675680200701X
Rubel, M., Popov, L. 1994. Brachiopods of the subfamily Atelelasmatinae (Clitambonitacea) from the Arenig, Ordovician, of the Baltic klint area. Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Geology 43, 4, 192-202.
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