Lissatrypa minuta (Rybnikova, 1967)

Synonymy list
1967     Glassia minuta Rybnikova sp. nov. — Rybnikova in Gailite et al., pp. 201, fig. XXIII 3
1981     Meifodia ovalis Williams, 1951 — Rubel et al., pp. 25
2004     Lissatrypa minuta (Rybnikova, 1967) — Copper, pp. 110
Selection of related publications
Copper, P. 2004. Silurian (Late Llandovery-Ludlow) Atrypid Brachiopods from Gotland, Sweden, and Welsh Borderlands, Great Britain. DOI:10.1139/9780660190112
Rybnikova, M. V. 1967. Description of brachiopods. Stratigraphy, fauna and conditions of formation of the Silurian rocks of the Central Baltic, pp. 169-221.
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