Cyrtia nikiforovae Tsegelnjuk, 1976

Synonymy list
1970     Cyrtia trapezoidalis Hisinger, 1828 — Rubel, pp. 57 pars, fig. 36:1-5; 38:1-5
1976     Cyrtia nikiforovae Tsegelnjuk, sp. nov. — Tsegelnjuk, pp. 95, fig. XII 7,8
Selection of related publications
Tsegelnjuk, P. D. 1976. Brachiopods and stratigraphy of the lower Palaeozoic of Volyno-Podolia.
Rubel, M. 1970. On the distribution of brachiopods in the lowermost Llandovery of Estonia. Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences of the Estonian SSR. Chemistry and Geology 19, 1, 69-79.
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